Chaplain’s Corner

Modern Day Chaplains

Today, the Chaplain is a highly respected and integral part of all branches of the military. You will find the Chaplain in many of the Fortune 500 companies of our great nation, as well as in police departments, fire departments, hospitals and emergency crews. Often called upon to minister to families in times of grief, marital, and family situations. The Chaplain is a friend and colleague who can be counted on when the need arises.

We must be reminded that the Veterans of Foreign Wars is comprehensive in nature, embracing all religions and faith groups within its ranks. The Chaplain, being non-sectarian and non-denominational, must minister to the spiritual needs of all without regard to either affiliation or non-affiliation. For many people, the only religious contact they will have will be with the Chaplain. Chaplains will need to provide ministry to people wherever there is a need. 

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