2017 Carranza Memorial

The 89th Annual Captain Emilio Carranza Memorial Service 

On Saturday July 8th, 2017, members of the Medford VFW Post 7677 participated in the Memorial Services at the Carranza Site. 

The monument, installed with funds donated by Mexican schoolchildren, depicts a falling eagle of Aztec design. The donated monolith was created with each side representing a symbol of Carranza and his love of aviation. The monument was funded by the children of Mexico who saved their coins to create this obelisk-looking statue. The stones for the monument were quarried from granite mined near his home and each block represented a different Mexican State.

Constructed in the form of a giant pylon, with squared tapered sided, the image of an Aztec eagle is carved on one side. On the other side, there is an arrow, pointing skyward. Another side has an inscription. It shows some deterioration and some letters in the message are missing. The message states "Messenger of Peace... The people of Mexico Hope that your high ideals will be realized... Homage of the children of Mexico to the aviator Captain Emilio Carranza who died tragically on July 13, 1928 in his good will flight". In the final side, there are embedded footprints which represent the famed aviator's final walk on the planet.

For additional information on Captain Emilio Carranza click on this link

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