Special Thanks

Comrades and Auxiliary:  

The turn of the 20th century Navy had a saying – “When in trouble or in doubt, run in circles, yell and shout;  Give em hell and fire a gun; and hoist the signal flag WELL DONE!”  As a second to Patrick’s remarks from a grateful Honor Guard Coordinator, a hearty WELL DONE to our ceremonial unit for a series of epic performances at four local parades and eleven far flung cemeteries.  Thanks to all who came out and reinforced an extremely positive image of Medford VFW Post 7677 throughout our area of operation.  To Bill and Clyde and the kitchen staff, kudos for an outstanding repast.  Thank you to “Fast Eddie” Lynd and son Ed for their rendition of TAPS.  A very special thanks to Young Jimmie from the Civil Air Patrol who stepped into the breech and assumed the duties of Chaplain and rifleman on the “Medford Firing Squad.”  Truly a super weekend for the Post.

Joe Painting
Honor Guard Coordinator

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